Expenses 2018

Expenses Lock me Up – Free A Girl 2018
The proceeds of Lock me Up- Free a Girl enable us to keep financing our rescue teams in Asia. Our colleagues search for young girls to liberate them from brothels as quickly as possible. The raised amount is also used for shelter, medical care and trauma processing. To make a lasting difference we support the survivors in filing a rapport in order to take the perpetrators to court and make sure they are convicted. 

Rescue teams

We are currently working with 8 rescue teams. They collect evidence of child prostitution and raid the brothels with the local police. Then a rapport is filed to prosecute the owners of the brothel. The rescue teams work together with the police in order to enhance the capacity and create more awareness. 

Sheltering survivors 
Nearly every liberated child is traumatised. Many girls have STD´s and some are  hiv-positive. These girls receive medical and psychological care in the shelter and they get time to strengthen up. They are also educated. Some children will stay a couple of months and are quickly reunited with their family. Others can stay for years. 

Liberating a significant amount of young girls from prostitution and making sure that the perpetrators are prosecuted, seems to be working preventively. For in Mumbai there are less girls working in the red light districts. By creating awareness about human trafficking, we raised the social control in small towns. 

Education and professional training 
While the girls are sheltered, they are educated and trained to practise a profession. These trainings are important for these girls to work on their future and build their confidence. These girls are trained for different professions: baker, hairdresser, make-up artist or even a lawyer or a public prosecutor. 

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