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To raise as much money as possible for the fight against child prostitution, anyone can take part in the 10th Lock me Up – Free a Girl campaign. Individuals, companies, restaurants and clubs can all start their own fundraising. It takes just five minutes to sign up as a participant with a personal campaign page. Choose a target, describe what you’ll be doing and upload a photo. As soon as your profile is online, you can start raising donations. Join us in the fight!


Free a Girl is immensely grateful to all of the participants. Every amount that is raised will go directly to the fight against child prostitution! Choose your own target amount or one of the amounts below, which show what Free a Girl can achieve with each contribution.

  • € 50, the rescue of 1 child
  • € 250, high school costs of 1 child (books, uniform and tuition fees).
  • € 500, costs for professional training as such as a barista course, beautician or police officer.
  • € 1000, all of the rescued girls are traumatized. Most have contracted STDs and tragically many are found to be HIV +. With this amount we can take care of a child after rescue, offer education and give them t medical care and trauma counseling.
  • € 2500, impunity is one of the main reasons for the continued existence of child prostitution. With this amount we can prosecute the perpetrator.

Together with our local partner organizations, Free a Girl is working hard to tackle impunity. That’s why we set up the School for Justice.


Participants across the Netherlands volunteer to be locked up in a 1-by-2-meter cage for twelve hours. The cages symbolize the imprisonment of children who are forced to sell their bodies every day. From Monday 25 May until Sunday 31 May, participants will be locked up in cages in a location agreed with a Free a Girl regional ambassador, or in a central location in the Netherlands.* By giving up their freedom for twelve hours, the participants draw attention to the wretched conditions in which children are imprisoned and exploited. During their imprisonment, participants are allowed one small bowl of white rice, unlimited water, a five-minute break every two hours, and must raise at least €2,500 in sponsorship by 25 May – allowing us to rescue more children!

Lock me Up – Free a Girl is an initiative by the Free a Girl Foundation and Free a Girl ambassador Wimmy Hu.

*In connection with the costs, participants in the Lock me Up – Free a Girl campaign can only choose to be locked in a cage for twelve hours if they manage to raise the target amount of at least €2,500.