Expenditure 2019

The work of Free a Girl is made possible by all Freedom Fighters who are committed to the Lock me Up – Free a Girl campaign.

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We will use the funds raised by the Lock me Up – Free a Girl campaign to keep financing our rescue teams. Our colleagues track down young girls and rescue them as soon as possible from the brothels. The campaign proceeds will also cover the costs of shelter and medical care, including trauma processing. In order to make a lasting difference, we also help victims to report the crimes and bring lawsuits to ensure that the perpetrators are convicted.


We currently work with eight rescue teams. Every day, our local partners put their own lives at risk to gather evidence in the tough, criminal conditions of the street. Once there is enough evidence to rescue the girls, they carry out raids in partnership with the police. The crimes of the brothel owners, traffickers and pimps are subsequently reported.

Care for the victims

Almost all of the girls who are rescued are traumatized. Many of them have STDs and some have been infected with HIV. In the shelters, they are given medical and psychiatric treatment. They get the time they need to gather their strength, and they receive education. Some children stay for a few months and are soon reunited with their families; others remain in care for years.

Education and vocational training

While they are in care, the girls receive education and vocational training. This is important, as it allows them to work towards the future again. What’s more, it brings back their self-confidence. We offer various kinds of vocational training: they can train as catering workers and beauty therapists, but also police officers.


The many rescues of minor girls from prostitution and prosecuting the perpetrators have a preventive effect. We provide information for girls and boys in schools and neighborhoods, to prevent them from falling victim to prostitution. We also provide education for the children of sex workers, and provide care for them in a shelter. Thanks to greater awareness, social control is more effective, suspected cases are reported more rapidly, and people are quicker to act.

The annual reports of Free a Girl can be found here.